About Sentinel Water

Sentinel Water is an established and experienced supplier of specialist Water Management Services. These services include L8 compliant legionella risk assessment surveys, regular monitoring and water system replacement and repair. We enable our clients to minimise their water management expenditure without compromising on safety. Water systems are kept safe from such dangers as scalding and free from those risks presented by pathogenic organisms, including legionella and E. coli.

Specialist Knowledge

From our extensive specialist knowledge and expertise, gained from over 20 years experience in the water treatment industry, we can provide cost effective solutions and professional advice regarding all aspects of water safety.

Legal Compliance

Our water system surveys provide detailed information enabling our clients to maintain their water systems safely and efficiently. These site surveys, together with our individually designed programme of regular monitoring and maintenance, ensure full compliance with all current health and safety legislation.

Fully Accredited

As a fully accredited service provider within the water management industry, we offer our services to a diverse group of public and private sector organisations throughout the South of England.


The reliable and efficient manner in which we conduct our business has drawn a wide range of clients from varied fields of business. The experience, quality of workmanship and high standards of conduct provided by our engineers, whilst often working in environments that require both sensitivity and co-operation, provide an assurance of professionalism at all times.


Our consistently competitive prices and ability to adapt to the individual requirements of our clients, has resulted in successful, long term customer relationships.