Record Keeping

There is a legal requirement to maintain full records of the control measures taken to safeguard the condition of the water system and ensure good water quality.

Site Log Books

Sentinel Water can supply Site Log Books to allow all necessary monitoring of the water system to be recorded and every action taken on the water system to be logged.

Web Linked Database

For Asset Managers with responsibility for large numbers of buildings, Sentinel Water has developed a comprehensive web-linked database system to enable all legally required information to be stored centrally.

All water hygiene documentation is accessed on-line, via the Sentinel Water web site, which provides immediate, up to date information on all aspects of the water system.

All Information is password secure and can be filtered in any configuration to provide the specific data required for any management task including:

  • Details of the current condition of water services
  • Financial forecasting
  • Planned maintenance
  • Health and safety record keeping
  • Regular reviews and inspections

The database therefore enables detailed current information to be readily available to management and contractors, assisting them in their work, saving time and improving efficiency.